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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sudden Impact!

Early Html email was quite a basic proposition, but senders soon discovered rendering incompatibilities between browser types. Code disintegration, blocked images etc made a good chunk of volume unreadable.

The solution, which was quickly adopted as standard, was to offer a link to a web version at the very top of the email.

As inbox competition intensifies, and preview pane decisions are commonplace, perhaps this valuable piece of real estate can be put to better use.

Most marketing emails and email newsletters have a principal headline – either an attention grabbing news story, or a tag line designed to entice the recipient to read on and complete whatever transaction the email requires.

Try putting it at the very top, in bold, and in a standout colour, with a line separating it from the subsequent, standard text.

The impact this has, being the very first thing seen, may cause a marginal increment in readers.
It should complement, rather than replicate, the subject line. The two can work together.

I predict that before every long, this will become a new standard.

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