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Sunday, December 2, 2007

It's Christmas - make the effort

This year I will be sending my Christmas cards by email. Most of the recipients live overseas. So yea, there will be a considerable saving on cost. No purchasing, no envelopes, no stamps, and no mad rush to beat the Christmas post.

Doubtless some of my nearest and dearest will scoff at what they suspect is a lack off effort. But, for the first time, all of them are on email - even the older ones. A sign of the times?

They will not understand the effort, and knowledge required to put together their cards in such a way that they reach the inbox and render properly - public (and business) ignorance of such matters is still high.

They might however appreciate the fact their card is a personal thing, rather than a bland image of snow and trees, containing some generic message from the card manufacturing industry.

So even though it might actually take longer than simply writing a few cards, I am going with it. Even if no-one understands the effort.