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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Upping the preview pane impact

The importance of making the right impact in the preview pane cannot be overestimated.

So many companies still insist on dominating this valuable real estate with a web type banner, which doers little more than show a repetitive picture, and at best slightly add to the branding of the email.

With images disabled in so many browsers nowadays, the impact of this banner is in fact a negative one – especially as many companies also neglect to recognise the value of compelling alt text – mind you, some browsers disable that as well. What a battle.

There is a simple answer – we now recommend it to all clients – and it is working.

Summarise in no more than two lines the key message of your email, and place that at the very top – above any images, web versions etc – so it is the very first thing readers see.

Try it – it works!

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