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Monday, April 13, 2009

All gone quiet over here

Has anyone else noticed the recent decline in the volume of email marketing received?

Over the last 4 weeks I have observed a marked decrease in the number of messages urging me to buy something. I think I know why.

It is because, as I have been saying for so long, few marketers really understand email - they see it as an extension of the web or worse still, other media.

By pursuing this erroneous belief, companies have failed to engage their email audiences. Poor results lead to disenchantment, and in tough times, a disappointing medium of marketing, however cheap, suddenly becomes negatively cost effective - and gets the chop.

It is disappointing from a number of perspectives - for the company who hoped email would prove a success, for the audiences who signed up in the hope that email would give them access to great deals, and for the industry as a whole - being buried by its own incompetence.

It is also a reflection of the fact that email as a budgetary item is normally included in the web spend - rather than as a standalone item. When the web budget gets cut (and don't get me started on why NZ companies are doing poorly with the online retail by and large), then so does the email.

Email marketing in NZ needs to reinvent itself in order to prosper - that means knowledge acquisition, followed by planning and smart delivery. Kiwis will usually give someone a second chance, but are quick to condemn repetitive mistakes. So the next, probably post recessionary wave of email marketing needs to be better.

Will it be? Well, I hope so, but sadly I doubt it.