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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Some words won't work

There are some words you just cannot use in email. No, not the rude ones (although they are a problem too), but words that appear perfectly normal - in fact ones that truly reflect what your message is about.

This post is not about subject lines - that's an entirely separate topic we will deal with shortly. No, this is about the body content of your message.

Most filters are based on the Bayesian principle - examining the content of a message and deciding if it is spam based on the percentage of known spam words.

Imagine you are a Life Insurance company. You have a legitimate list of your own policy holders that you regularly email. You decide to have a marketing push and organise a sale, combined with a totally free, no hidden clauses assessment of insurance needs.

Your email says: "Take advantage of our 100% free offer - click here to see more details. Apply now to receive a 25% discount on all new policies - double your Life Insurance cover with the lowest insurance rates around. Take better care of your family."

Although this is a true reflection of your marketing thrust, many filters will block your message - most of the words and phrases in that snippet are absolute no-nos for email.

So yet another challenge for emailers - to write persuasive copy which truly reflects your marketing message that engages readers, but does not fall foul of spam filters!

Yet another reason to call in the professionals if you are serious about email.

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