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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

If only they had a cunning plan!

Looking, with increasing gloom, at the huge volume of marketing emails that are flooding into my inbox right now from increasingly desperate retailers, I reached a point of realisation yesterday. It is not email marketing at all; in most cases it is email advertising.

People are sending me adverts, usually an exact replica of ads from other media, by email. I have only one word for this - stupid!

Stupid because it assumes that email presents adverts in the same way as print.

Stupid because it shows an absolute ignorance of how people read and react to email.

Stupid because (can't believe I am still saying this) it shows that marketers have still failed to embrace email and learn about it - they just see it as a cheap alternative to other media.

It amazes me that companies such as Dick Smith, Noel Leeming, Air NZ etc employ agencies / marketing bods with so little nous.

Doubtless the bods in question will soon be looking for jobs as the recession bites further and their inept marketing strategies are revealed for what they are!

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