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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Report as Spam

One thing all email marketers fear is being reported as spammers - especially to the major networks - gmail, yahoo etc. This can happen for no other reason than your properly subscribed recipient is having a bad day - they click report as spam, and there you are, on the spammers register. This can have seriously adverse effects on your recipient rate.

You go to enormous length to build a reputation as a trusted sender and it is gone just like that. Unfair, isn't it.

I saw a unique and rather funny solution to this today - I am not sure that I approve, but it's worth sharing. I received an email newsletter from xyz company - the sender being very prominently displayed in the banner was a report as spam button - which generated an email to saying I think this newsletter I have just received is spam.

Presumably, xyz company simply unsubscribed anyone who did this - having circumvented the possibility of being reported to an ISP, and got on with their business.

I wonder if it will catch on!

1 comment:

Mark Brownlow said...

It's certainly a novel approach! I'd have to give it a thumbs down.

It suggests the sender is having problems with spam reports. Perhaps they should try to fix why too many people see them as spam rather than trying to circumvent the system.

It would seem strange to me to have a big report spam button in the header. It's hardly positive branding. Not to mention that there are ethical issues there (it's certainly misleading, and potentially deceptive).

I also wonder how ISPs would react if the newsletter was ever reviewed manually.

Interesting though - thanks for sharing Jerry!