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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Lies, damned lies and.......

Relatively accurate statistical measurement capability is a key component of what sets email aside from other media as a unique channel of communication.

A new site, Email Stats Centre ( provides a wide range of comparative stats for inspection. Quite how useful this will be in unclear, but like all email stats, they do provide benchmarks.

Most email stats are less accurate than we would like, but because their MO is relatively consistent, we can compare and contrast, and that is where the real value is.

The email stats centre offers a whole host of stats - categorised by some of the key factors such as Authentication, delivery, subject lines etc.

They appear to be taken exclusively from the USA, and often garnered from 3rd party surveys, but for the curious there are some interesting conclusions to be drawn - which back up many of the golden rules we should be following. Have a browse, but remember - stats are like a paint brush - the picture depends on who's holding it.

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